Calcifying effect
Intravenous use
1000 ml bottle

Composition: each 100 ml contains Calcium propionate 2.268 g, Calcium gluconate 1.7 g, Calcium chloride dihydrate 332 mg, Calcium glutamate 410 mg, Fructose 2 g, Glucose 5 g, Sorbitol 1 g, Magnesium hypophosphite 100 mg.
Indications: treatment of downer cow syndrome caused by postpartum hypocalcemia, characterized by severe depression of the sensory nerve, general paralysis, head reclining, dilated pupils, anorexia, dry nose, cold extremities (hypothermia). This is the clinical manifestation of normo or hypermagnesemic hypocalcemia with hyperkalemia.
Administration and dosage: by slow intravenous (IV) infusion.
Administer a bottle of 1,000 ml per animal, by slow IV infusion, 80-100 drops per minute.
Use only in downer cows due to postpartum hypocalcemia and administer only once.
Do not administer with any other medication, mainly cardiorespiratory stimulants as given the condition of insufficiency it may cause the death of the treated animal.
In case of total recovery, to avoid a relapse, administer subcutaneously or intramuscularly 100 ml of Prevenrec, distributed in two or three injection sites, after Calcishock administration.
In case of partial recovery (the cow recovers from the coma but remains recumbent), wait 18 hours before repeating the administration of Calcishock. If after this second administration there is no change in the clinical condition within a maximum of 3 hours, orient the diagnosis to downer cow syndrome due to postpartum paresis. In this case, the indicated therapy is the administration, by slow IV infusion, of 100 ml of Fósforo 15-30 diluted into a Power Shock bottle, followed by 20 ml of Prevenfos.
Administer according to professional criteria.
Action: it provides total calcium supply at a balanced level allowing gradual rising of serum calcium, without impairing the restoration of the adequate functionality of the hormones that regulate its level.