Prevention of placental retention
Injectable use
100 ml and 240 ml bottle

Composition: each 100 ml contains Calcium chloride 6.9 g, Calcium lactate 13.1 g, Calcium propionate 7.95 g, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate 205 mg, Sodium selenite 37.5 mg, Vitamin E 0.5 g (equivalent to 500 I.U.).
Indications: curative and preventive treatment of calcium, magnesium, selenium and vitamin E deficiencies. Preventive treatment of metritis and mastitis, prophylaxis of uterine inertia (slow labor). Preventive treatment of placenta or lochia retention.
Administration and dosage: by intramuscular (IM) route.
Administer 20 ml, from 20 to 5 days before delivery.
Administer 10 ml in breeding cows.
Administer according to professional criteria.