Actinomycosis and actinobacillosis treatment in cattle
Injectable use
50 ml bottle

Composition: each 100 ml contains 60 g of Sodium iodide.
Indications: treatment of actinomycosis and actinobacillosis in cattle. Effective against Actinomyces bovis and Actinobacillus lignieresii.
Administration and dosage: exclusively by intravenous (IV) route.
Cattle: 11 ml per 100 kg body weight, equivalent to 66 mg per kg body weight. Single-dose. If necessary, repeat after 10-14 days.
Administer according to professional criteria.
Contraindications: do not administer to females with advanced pregnancy, nor to animals with hyperthyroidism.
Intoxication: administer with caution to determine individual susceptibility to iodine. In case of symptoms of iodism (coryza, tearing, salivation, edema), discontinue administration. There is no specific antidote, if necessary apply symptomatic treatment.