Injectable use
50 ml bottle

Composition: each 100 ml contains 5 g of Micronized progesterone.
Indications: to suppress estrus or in replacement of surgical castration. To suppress estrus to avoid unwanted mating when for reasons of handling it is not possible to separate males and females. Coadjuvant of functional corpus luteum. To avoid embryonic death by luteal phase deficiency. To avoid abortion in pregnant cows in estrus. To avoid body weight loss during estrus. Embryo transfer. Ovarian cysts.
Administration and dosage:
To suppress estrus during puberty of females of any age: 2 to 3 ml. Use 3 ml if animals are moved to paddocks with leguminous pastures.
Subcutaneous (SC) injectable implantation at the base of the ear, into the lax tissue of the outer face. Avoid injecting into the fat or perforating the cartilage because, in this case, estrus suppression will not be achieved. Use 30×15 needle.
Alternative administration: 5 ml by intramuscular (IM) injection in the thigh, repeat every 30 days.
Reproductive pathophysiology: pregnant cows in heat between 3 to 5 months of gestation: 6 ml by IM route and repeat every 30 days until the sixth month of pregnancy.
Coadjuvant of luteal function: repeat breeding cows free of chronic or acute endometritis: 6 ml by IM route, on day 7 and 26 postinsemination. If pregnancy is achieved, repeat the dose every 30 days until the sixth month.
Embryo transfer: administer 6 ml by IM route simultaneously with embryo transfer and repeat 20 days after the first dose. This helps to increase the concentration of progesterone (P4), preventing early embryonic death.
Warning: the administration of this gestagen will not prevent the appearance of heat in those animals that, at the time of inoculation, were in the diestrus or proestrus phases of the first estrous cycle, which will have the complete estrus. When prolonged effect is required, the doses can be repeated. Upon completion of treatment, animals are again apt for service.
To suppress estrus: 5 ml by IM in the neck, every 25 days. At the end of treatment, animals are again apt for service.
Treatment of ovarian cysts: 3 doses of 7 ml every 20 días.
Pigs and sheep:
To suppress estrus: females of any age in puberty: 2 ml by subcutaneous (SC) route.
If it is needed to prolong the effect, repeat after 25 days. At the end of treatment, animals are again apt for service.
Administer according to professional criteria.
Precautions: shake constantly during administration.