Natural estrogen
Placental retention and anestrus
Injectable use
Case with 6 bottles of 5 ml and 50 ml

Composition: each 100 ml contains 100 mg of 17ß-estradiol.
Indications: placental retention, pyometra, postpartum anestrus, chronic endometritis with ovarian atrophy, estrus induction.
Administration and dosage: by intramuscular (IM) route.
Adult cow:
Placental retention: 5 ml every 24 hours, for three days.
Pyometra: 7 ml every 24 hours, for three days.
Postpartum anestrus due to ovarian atrophy: administer a dose of 2 ml. Once heat is detected, administer a dose of GnRH.
Estrus induction: 24 hours after introduction of an intravaginal device, inject via I.M. 5 ml of 17 ß Estradiol Burnet. Administer 1 ml 24 hours after withdrawal.
Chronic 2° and 3° degree endometritis with ovarian atrophy: administer 3 ml of 17 ß Estradiol Burnet along with the first dose of intrauterine antibiotic.
Endometritis: 5 ml, for two days.
In all cases, antibiotic treatment should be prescribed if there is an infection; administration of Endometral is suggested.
Precautions: do not administer to pregnant females as it may cause abortion. Do not change doses or the duration of treatment, since prolonged use or excessive doses may cause the development of ovarian cysts. Do not administer to males.
Administer according to professional criteria.